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Why join the Children’s Rights and Business Principles Commission?

  1. Join forces with companies and social profit organisations to improve children’s rights in Belgium
  2. Discover the main challenges for children’s rights in our country and which role your organisation can play to create solutions
  3. Learn from and share inspiring cases with other organisations committed to the wellbeing of our future generations


Steps to join

In order to become a member of the Children Rights and Business Principles Commission, several steps must be followed:

step 1


Join Global Compact Network Belgium


The Children’s Rights and Business Principles Commission is initiated by members of the Global Compact Network Belgium. As a member of this Belgian secretariat of the UN Global Compact, you are at the first row to learn how children’s rights are connected to the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact and the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Find out how to join the Global Compact Network Belgium

step 2


Letter of Commitment

Ask the chief executive of your company to sign the Children’s Rights and Business Principles Commission Letter of Commitment, expressing your commitment to:

  1. The 10 Children’s Right and Business Principles
  2. Take continuous action in support of these 10 principles
  3. Submit an action plan after the 1st year of membership & an annual Communication on Progress (COP) as of year 2.

Send the signed Letter of Commitment to the steering committee of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles Commission.

Letter of commitment


Step 3


Share contacts and cases

Once your company has officially joined the CRBP Commission, you can start sharing contacts and cases with your peers and our community via CRBP Events and our website.

For further information,get in touch with us.