Hoaxland: Posi & Friends


“When we feel better and happier in ourselves, then we hope that others will be successful, too. Our mission is to share this important message with young children, so they can integrate this approach into their lives.”


• What is the goal of the project?
“Posi & Friends” is a unique, holistic social project which gives children aged 6 to 10 insights into their personality development. This lays a strong foundation from which they can grow into happier and more stable adults.

• How has the project been implemented?
In addition to a zany animated series, children, parents and teachers will meet Posi & Friends through material for schools, interactive theatre workshops, music and a curriculum that goes further and focuses on the concepts behind the project (tailored to children, parents and teachers).


• For the business/the company
Working together for a happier and more respectful society.

• For the children
Help children to develop a better understanding of themselves and feel more self-assured.

• On the market
The initiation of a different approach.

• On an overall context, with respect to the different registered themes
Children get the right tools so they can learn to make a connection with their intuition to overcome obstacles.


augustus 24th, 2017