Cubzz: Dreambuilderzz

Who CARREFOUR, JAVA COFFEE COMPANY, LOTUS BAKERIES, TELENET, BAKERMEN, KILIWATCH What We’ll set up a new sustainable system that generates continuous resources for existing organisations that are committed to children. It is to be fully built on our everyday consumption, because that will never cease. Public awareness about CUBZZ is key and because we spend […]

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augustus 25th, 2017

Hoaxland: Posi & Friends

What • What is the goal of the project? “Posi & Friends” is a unique, holistic social project which gives children aged 6 to 10 insights into their personality development. This lays a strong foundation from which they can grow into happier and more stable adults. • How has the project been implemented? In addition […]

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augustus 24th, 2017